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We need to protect our democracy through a series of popular reforms. Because our leaders should be held accountable to us.


Tara supports a ban on gifts to elected officials, limits on contributions to political candidates, and full disclosure of all spending meant to influence the outcome of elections. She supports an independent redistricting commission to draw fair lines for Congressional, State House, and State Senate districts. Here is information of some legislation Tara supports:

Support a gift ban

Currently there are no limits on gifts to public officials in Pennsylvania. Gifts do not need to be reported unless they are over $250. Lobbyists often leverage meals, vacations, outings, tickets to legislators which do not need to be reported unless exceeding $650 per giver, per legislator, per year. Tara will support the ban on gifts to ensure we make these bribes illegal.

Put limits on campaign contributions

Currently there are no limits on contributions to State House, State Senate and other candidates in Pennsylvania. Only eleven states (Alabama, Indiana, Iowa, Mississippi, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah, and Virginia) impose no contribution limits on individual donors. The other 39 states restrict the amount of money that individuals can contribute to a state campaign. We must put limits on campaign contributions which make dollars have more of a voice than individuals.

Create publicly funded elections

In states like Washington we see the use of Public Campaign Financing Vouchers ensure every voter has a voice. Public money is made available to citizens in vouchers. Citizens can then give those vouchers to candidates to spend on their campaigns. This ensures that you don't have to be independently wealthy to run or support a campaign.

Close the revolving door

Pennsylvania currently has a one year rule before former elected officials can become registered lobbyists. Some states have these periods as long as six years. Tara supports lengthening this period, and prohibiting legislators, while in office, from negotiating jobs with firms that lobby or do business with the state. Tara also supports ensuring nobody convicted of a felony crime involving governance could ever be a registered lobbyist.

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