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 Protecting Our Environment 

The Pennsylvania Constitution grants “The people have a right to clean air, pure water, and to the preservation of the natural, scenic, historic and esthetic values of the environment,” § 27. These rights should not be violated for the profit of corporate polluters at the expense of public health and safety. 


We can prioritize our environment while creating permanent, high quality union jobs. Pennsylvania must take the lead by transitioning to clean, sustainable energy like wind, solar and geothermal and creating goals to combat climate change. In these unprecedented times, COVID-19 has highlighted the need for us to invest more in our public health measures that better protect the environment. 

Protect Waterways and Air Quality

Protect Private Land from Government or Corporate Overreach

Clean air and water provide the basis for safe and healthy living conditions. When Tara is elected, she plans on holding private corporations that destroy our waterways (1) accountable. As a result of instances such as fish kill (2), we have not only lost thousands of fish, but also suffered high costs to restore our local ecosystems multiple times over the past couple of decades.


To solve these types of issues, Tara will work to strengthen restrictions and mandate stronger contingency plans for corporations in the permitting process with the PA-DEP and PA-Fish and Boating Commission. Tara will work to improve by approving proposals, such as those that increase the ability of the PA-DEP inspectors to perform their jobs (3).

Our government needs to work on behalf of the public, instead of private interests. The government cannot continue to ignore it’s trustee’s-- the people-- while giving tax breaks and subsidies to the natural gas and pipeline industries who pollute our water, air, and land, which are the “common property of the people.”(4) Eminent domain should not be used by corporations to exploit public natural resources for profit. These same corporations risk harm to human health, safety and the environment, forcing the public to pay for their environmental impacts long after they have come and gone (5).

Create More Union Jobs

Tara envisions a future for Pennsylvania to become a leader in the renewable energy sector. When in office, Tara will support bills, such as the PA Energy Transition Act (6). This will not only protect the environment, but stimulate the economy and create new jobs (7).


Tara also supports entering the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative with surrounding states, which anticipates creating 27,000 high paying jobs in the renewable energy industry. Pennsylvania deserves a leader who will fight to protect the environment, ensure public health, and hold private corporations accountable.

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