Why Tara's Running

Tara wants to make real changes at the state level that can benefit all working families. "I'm fighting for the sustainable future our children deserve and that means protecting quality public education, addressing climate change and fighting for family sustaining wages." Currently, there is a choke hold on the middle class where stagnant wages, rising healthcare costs, student loan debt and the sky rocketing cost of housing, systemically eroding the American Dream. In this flawed system, money flows upwards and stops in corporate bank accounts and the pockets of the elite. We need an economy that works for everyone, not just a few.

After talking to voters over numerous election cycles the issues that rise to the forefront are tax reform, affordable healthcare and sustainable wages, which means we need fair share tax reform, affordable and accessible paths to healthcare and prescription drugs, affordable housing and an increase in wages. At the same time, we need to plan for our future by strengthening our public schools, preparing a workforce for new jobs and forming a rational energy policy that acknowledges the gravity of the existential crisis posed by global climate change. As an environmental activist, Tara realizes that environmental issues are a low priority when people struggle to maintain housing and healthcare, working sometimes more than 2 jobs just to put food on the table.

As long as the Republican dominated legislature persists, nothing will change in the 138th or PA. The 2020 election is so important because the district lines will be redrawn after the 2020 Census. Gerrymandered districts, like the 138th need to be flipped from red to blue and Tara has the passion, vision and integrity to represent the voters and lead the way to a sustainable future.