Street Protest


Woman Getting Tested

COVID-19 Recovery

Tara is an advocate for frontline and essential workers during the healthcare crisis. She voted for the Pandemic Protection program and to swiftly distribute $10.8 million of COVID relief to almost 800 struggling small businesses.

She plans to continue to advocate for the efficient distribution of vaccines and help the county distribute aide so we can be more comfortable in our communities as we approach herd immunity.

Environmental Protection

Zrinski has consistently voted for t fund farmland and open space preservation. With 217 preserved farms, and 100's of acres of trails, she knows that preserving land staves off further loss of land to over- development.


Tara organized the Karst Geology Advisory Council to address the 14 dewatering events in Bushkill Creek occurring over the past 21 years that have caused numerous fish kills.


She has taken a strong stance on plastic reduction and recycling, traveling the state to learn more about alternatives like industrial hemp and worked to educate farmers about the potential benefits and risks of growing the emerging crop.


She is a great supporter of strengthening local economies and the buy fresh, buy local movement.  


Emergency Response

Tara voted for $16 million to non-profit community organizations, emergency management and first responders to ensure we can support our frontline workers as well as make sure they are safe while keeping our communities safe!