Street Protest


Covid-19 Screening

COVID-19 Recovery

Tara is an advocate for frontline and essential workers during the healthcare crisis. She voted for the Pandemic Protection program and to swiftly distribute $26 million to nearly 1,000 small businesses and $22 million to non-profit, emergency management and first responders.


While on Council, Tara has ensured that the county offers free COVID tests & sponsored free vaccination clinics.

Environmental Protection

Zrinski has consistently voted to fund farmland and open space preservation. With 223 preserved farms, she knows that preserving land staves off further loss of land to over- development.


Tara organized the Karst Geology Advisory Council to address the 18 dewatering events in Bushkill Creek occurring over the past 21 years that have caused numerous fish kills.


She has taken a strong stance on reducing plastic use, promoting alternatives like industrial hemp and working to educate farmers about the potential benefits and risks of growing this emerging crop.


She is a great supporter of strengthening local economies and the "buy fresh, buy local" movement.  


Addressing the Housing Crisis

The pandemic has only exacerbated the housing crisis. Thanks to the residents of the Oliver C. Border House, Commissioner Tara Zrinski has brought to light the issues of HUD housing. She has been vocal about Northampton County to taking back our housing authority. 


We must protect vulnerable populations and ensure everyone has access to affordable housing.


Protecting Seniors and Senior Caregivers

Our seniors deserve to live in a peaceful, safe, and clean environment. Tara's mother has diabetes and she knows first-hand the worry of having a parent who is immunocompromised.

That is why Tara has worked to protect our seniors living at Gracedale and the caregivers that work there. The County Commissioners have worked to ensure seniors and caregivers have access to vaccines and work in a clean facility.

Grandpa and Grandchild Having Fun