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Street Protest


Tara Zrinski in a green blazer.

I'm an educator, Northampton County Commissioner, author, solar energy consultant, and environmental advocate running for County Controller.


During my 6 years as a County Commissioner, I’ve served on 5 Boards within the Lehigh Valley and chaired the Energy, Environment and Land Use Committee as well as the Economic Development Committee. I have a proven track record of effective leadership and a commitment to the people of Northampton County.


I’ve been part of a team that has prioritized workforce development, while protecting your tax dollars and ensuring public works projects are on time and below budget.   We’ve not only balanced the budget but lowered your property taxes. I make decisions based on fiscal responsibility and how those decisions impact the community. 

"My appreciation for our environment started early as a kid visiting the Lehigh River. It's important to me that we protect the quality of our land, air, and waterways. That's why I listen to the needs of our local farmers and residents who want to put an end to warehouse proliferation.  As a member of the LVPC, I am also making sure our Climate Action Plan and Act 157 Water Conservation Plans are funded and enacted."

Tara with elected officials from Moore Township and County Executive Lamont McClure for the 200th Preserved Farm.

"As a single mother and an educator working multiple jobs to make ends meet, I know what it's like to work hard just to put food on the table, a roof over our heads and pay all the bills. You work hard for your money too and that's why your tax dollars shouldn't be wasted on tax breaks for corporations or development that depletes the quality of our lives in the Lehigh Valley."

"I am an independent voice of the people, grounded in my ethics to vote my conscience and speak my mind. I have been an outspoken advocate for housing, human rights, healthcare, organized labor and fiscal responsibility. I believe the role of government is to fulfill the needs of its citizens, spend their tax dollars wisely and preserve the quality of life in Northampton County for all people."

Tara speaks at a podium during an event.

"My mother suffered with chronic diabetes and dementia. The folks at Gracedale provided compassionate care, treating her with the dignity and respect she did not receive at private Nursing Care Facilities. Gracedale's nursing staff, doctors and wound care specialists worked to keep our family informed and my mother's needs met. I believe everyone deserves quality healthcare, regardless of employment status and regardless of their age. That's why I will fight to keep Gracedale county owned and operated and will make sure county employees and retirees maintain the benefits they deserve." 

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