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Street Protest



Tara is an educator, Northampton County Commissioner, single mom, author, solar energy consultant, and environmental advocate running to represent PA Senate District 14. 

Tara understands the struggles of our communities because she's lived them right here in the Lehigh Valley. That’s why Tara's Forward Together Platform puts working class people first, with solutions that are long overdue.

"My appreciation for our environment started early as a kid visiting the Lehigh River. It's important to me that we protect the quality of our land, air, and waterways. That's why I listen to the needs of our local farmers."

"As a single mother and an educator working multiple jobs, I know what it's like to work hard just to send my kids to college. Our communities deserve schools and teachers that have the resources to educate our children, regardless of ZIP code."

"Growing up, my father owned a TV Repair Shop but as the world changed our family had to adapt. Now he is a bus driver and a proud member of the Teamsters labor union. Whether you are a nurse, teacher, laborer -- all workers deserve the right to organize for safe and fair working conditions."

"My mother is a senior and has lived with chronic diabetes and at times she has foregone going to the doctor in fear of the medical bill. I believe everyone should have healthcare, regardless of employment status and regardless of their age. We need to take care of the most vulnerable people in our community."

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